The Exact Steps Anyone Can Follow to Become a Digital Nomad

The life of a digital nomad can be summed up in three words: work from anywhere.

Your office could be a co-working space in Austin, Texas one month, a cafe in Bali, Indonesia the next, and your parents’ kitchen counter over the holidays.

Becoming a digital nomad would give you the freedom and choice to choose where you work, a flexible schedule, and the opportunity to live literally anywhere in the world.

What is a Digital Nomad?

A “digital nomad” uses technology to work from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, recreational vehicles, or any other location.

In a recent survey of 1,900 remote workers, 90 percent said that they plan to work remotely for the rest of their careers. In other words, once you go remote, you never go back.

And why would you?

It would be difficult to trade working in a beach cafe in Bali to typing away at a desk in a gray cubicle with fluorescent lighting. Thankfully, you may not be forced to make that decision, because working from anywhere is the future.

I went remote five years ago, when I decided to take a one-month trip to Costa Rica. That turned into two years of nonstop travel around the world.

Since then, I’ve worked in places like the Sahara desert in Morocco and cafes in Argentina. When you become a digital nomad, the world is your office.

For some of you, remote work is about having the time to put your kids on the school bus in the morning without having to rush to work, or being able to go to the gym at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. Having a flexible schedule that works with your lifestyle can make all the difference.

“But how do digital nomads get paid?” you might ask.

To earn money, you need paying clients.

How to Start an Online Advertising Business and Work from Anywhere

There are many ways to land paying clients and become a digital nomad. But I’m going to show you how to do it with digital marketing, even if you’re brand new and have no prior experience.

Step 1: How to find thousands of businesses who already need your help with their marketing

Many local businesses need digital marketing help

Believe it or not, thousands of businesses already need your help with marketing. If you have a Facebook account, you probably know more than they do about how to get more online customers.

Not everyone has caught up with the digital revolution. Quickly flip through the phonebook to see the dozens of businesses in your town that are already spending money on marketing and are looking for more customers – but are missing out on the biggest gold rush in advertising in the history of the world: digital marketing.

If you are worried about a saturated market, consider this: 28 million businesses worldwide need help with their marketing; 543,000 new businesses start up each month.

This means that the demand for good marketers is almost insatiable. You just have to know where to look.

When I was starting out, I would flip through the phone book to find businesses that were advertising in print, but had not yet made the jump online. The beauty of this technique was that:

  1. These businesses were already spending money on marketing
  2. They were probably not getting great results (who reads the phone book anymore?)
  3. And even as a newbie, I could help them with their online marketing

I still continue to use this technique to find additional clients in places where they are already advertising, including e-commerce marketplaces, search engines, and other websites.

Step 2: What to offer the businesses

become a digital nomad using online advertising

I used to sell anything and everything marketing related, including websites, business cards, email marketing, direct mail, etc. But since I was trying to do everything, I didn’t get really good at any one thing. Plus, I was scattered and felt like I had 10 plates spinning above my head that could all come crashing down at any point.

I decided to simplify my life and do one thing only: I would bring in more leads and sales for businesses using a simple, two-page website called a “funnel,” as well as online ads.

My specialty is helping businesses get on Facebook and Instagram, which are used by billions of users every single day.

When I help businesses post ads where their target markets can see them, they are more than willing to share some of the extra profits with me.

I place my clients’ ads on Facebook, send visitors to the two-page websites, and tell them how to become customers of the respective businesses. This way, the business owners will earn a direct return on their investments from our work together, and I earn an income, as well.

Step 3: How to get clients to say yes to working with you, even if you’re brand new and don’t have any experience

submit a written offer

When I first got started in marketing, I didn’t have experience or prior results to show my customers. I didn’t go to school for marketing, and I had never had a client before. Unsure of what to do, I decided to just offer my services for free to the first client. I figured it would be good practice.

And it was. I got great results for that customer. She gave me a testimonial and three referrals, which turned into $6,000 more in revenue that month. I call that “the springboard method.” To date, I have helped hundreds of people use it to get their first trial clients, and then their first paying clients.

Customers don’t really care about your credentials. All they want to see are results. If you can describe to them how you’re going to get them more customers, and demonstrate how your strategy is working for other businesses similar to theirs, they will be more than happy to give you – and your method – a shot.

Step 4: How to get great results for your clients the first time, and every time

How to make sure you deliver results for clients

We’ve discussed finding customers, what to offer them, and how to get them to say yes to working with you by offering your services for free for the first client, turning that into more paying clients.

But how do you get results if this is your first time?

There is a McDonald’s or Starbucks in every pretty much every town nationwide. Every single time you visit one, you will get the same experience.

That’s called a franchise. The McDonald’s corporation has figured out a system that works, and then the “franchisees,” small business owners across the world, pay McDonald’s to license that system, which is already proven to work. The guesswork is taken out of the equation for the individual business owners. They know that the system works, because it’s been proven. Every McDonald’s operates the same way, whether it’s located in Ohio or Colorado.  It’s basically a copy/paste business.

You can do the same thing with your marketing strategy. If you have the marketing funnel figured out for a dentist in Texas, chances are you can use almost the exact same approach for a dentist in North Dakota. Copy/paste.

In other words, you don’t have to start from scratch with each client. You can find a system that works, and become specialized in helping one type of client; then, use that strategy over and over again. I used this exact technique to quickly get six clients at $1,500 per client per month with just one funnel.

And for your very first client? Find a funnel that is already working, and model it. Remember how Lyft came onto the market quickly after Uber, even though there was already an Uber? Lyft modeled Uber: same business, same service, small differences. Or, in our McDonald’s example, Burger King offered almost the same thing with its own special flair.

You too can do that on a much smaller scale with your first marketing funnel. You can view the ads that every business uses on Facebook right now to see what’s already working. Determine how that business speaks to its customers, where it sends them after viewing the ad, and what it offers potential patrons to get them in the door the very first time.

Years of market research have already been done for you. You just have to model what’s already working.

Once you find what works for your first client, you can use the same ads and funnels all over the country.

For example, say you begin to work with a chiropractor in Philadelphia. First, go to Facebook and find out what other chiropractors are using in their ads to attract clients. Then, make your own version of those ads for your client.

When it comes time to get more customers for yourself, take that same ad and funnel and put them to work for chiropractors in Boston, or Chicago, or Los Angeles.

Even though you will make tweaks to the existing models for each individual client, the beauty of this system is that if something works for one customer, it will also work for another client in another city. This way, you can help client after client without having to start over from scratch every time.

In addition, each time you see great results for your chiropractor customer in Denver, you can email chiropractors in Portland and say, “Hey, these are the results we’re getting with our funnels in Denver; do you want to get the same results for your business?”

When you can show companies that you’re already doing successful work for other businesses that look just like them, it will be an easy sale to get new clients. Once you have enough customers, you can supplement your income completely, quit your day job, and work from anywhere in the world – as long as you have a laptop and an Internet connection.

Tips for working on the road

  1. Now you are working as a digital marketer, offering your services to local businesses that want to advertise online to bring in more customers.

You can work from anywhere in the world, and your skills are getting better every day. Surprisingly, the best thing about this arrangement might not be what you’d anticipate.

The best benefits of working remotely

This is not about being on vacation all the time, or flying to a new exotic locale every weekend.

A flexible schedule, followed by the ability to spend time with family, are the most commonly reported benefits of working remotely.

On the other hand, the biggest difficulty with this type of work is loneliness. Find an awesome group of online “work friends” that you can talk with around the proverbial water cooler, just like you would at a conventional job. And then the world will be your oyster.

If you are looking for more in-depth training to walk you through the exact steps you need to become a digital nomad, or would like to find a passionate group of world travelers who are already getting paying clients as digital marketers, check out this training, free for a limited time.

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