17 Best Places to Find Small Task or Micro Jobs

Have you ever found yourself short on cash? Raises hand. ?‍♀️

If so, you know how frustrating it can be to need extra money, but have no viable way of actually earning it.

Fortunately, things have changed a lot in the past decade. The gig economy has exploded, and with it, the need for millions of people to complete the “micro jobs” the newly evolved economy demands.

What are micro jobs you ask?

Most simply, micro jobs are small, easy tasks that can be completed in a short amount of time, and generally earn you between $3 and $100.

They’re often online jobs that you can do from home, but there are local opportunities too. They don’t require an interview, meetings, or set hours, which makes them the perfect vehicle for making extra money on the side.

Despite their flexibility, however, the jobs can be somewhat competitive and pay isn’t always great. But, if you’re in a pinch, they can be a great source of supplemental income, and often pay in cash.

If you’re short on time, and need money fast, micro jobs (that pay same day cash) might be the perfect opportunity for you.

17 Best Places to Find Micro Jobs Online

How do you find micro jobs? Online, of course. There are a variety of micro jobs sites that offer options to workers who want to get paid to do tasks online. You can even combine multiple micro jobs, like audio transcription jobs and freelancing writing, to earn more.

If sitting at home isn’t for you, you can also find community-based micro jobs, or by assisting neighbors with short household tasks (like lawn mowing or grocery shopping).

Whatever appeals to you, there is a micro jobs website out there that will connect you with people who want to pay for your services.

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

amazon mechanical turk (mturk) homepageamazon mechanical turk (mturk) homepage
Source: Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you want to make some quick money without much investment, consider signing up with Amazon Mechanical Turk. Workers can work on Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) to earn money.

Tasks you can complete include:

  • processing images and videos,
  • cleaning up and verifying data,
  • online typing jobs,
  • gathering information,
  • or processing data.

Amazon MTurk workers help Amazon sellers edit their product listings and provide the best information to buyers. This helps sellers make more sales and helps buyers make the best purchasing decision.

You’ll receive a payment when you complete a HIT. New workers will not be able to get earnings for 10 days. After that, you’re free to disburse your earnings to a bank account or Amazon Payments account.

Amazon doesn’t report how much the average HIT pays, but MTurk workers reportedly earn $6-$10 per hour.

2. Swagbucks

how to make money with swagbucks for completing everyday taskshow to make money with swagbucks for completing everyday tasks
Source: Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a micro jobs website that awards points for doing the things you normally do online. You can earn Swagbucks points (SB) by shopping at major online retailers like Amazon and Starbucks, or by taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games. Swagbucks even has a mobile app that allows you to earn points on the go.

One thousand points equals $10, and once you’ve reached this threshold, you can start redeeming them for cash cards or gift cards at major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and iTunes. Occasionally, they even have specials where you get the gift cards at steep discounts well below their normal cash value!

3. InboxDollars

earn money by completing small tasks with inboxdollarsearn money by completing small tasks with inboxdollars
Source: InboxDollars

Like Swagbucks, InboxDollars is a micro jobs website that allows you to earn cash for doing normal online activities. You can make money by taking surveys, watching videos, reading emails, playing games, or completing other online micro jobs. If you shop online, you can also earn cash back, receive free samples, and get access to free coupons to use on groceries, beauty, home, and more.

Instead of earning points, InboxDollars pays out in cash. Earnings vary for each activity.

According to InboxDollars, surveys pay up to $5. You can earn cash and money back for completing free games and puzzles. Members can request a payment at any time as long as their account balance exceeds $30. You can access your earnings at any time, but if you ask for payment when you have less than $30, you’ll be charged a service fee.

4. Fiverr

start selling gigs with fiverrstart selling gigs with fiverr
Source: Fiverr

Are you a talented designer, artist, writer, or musician? If so, consider selling your services via Fiverr — an active online marketplace with a gig sold every 4 seconds!

One of the best online jobs websites around, Fiverr has facilitated 50 million gigs (and counting) with prices ranging from $5 to $10,000.

To get started with Fiverr, sign up and create your profile. Once that’s complete, set up your gig. You can decide what the gig is, what services you’ll offer, and how to price it. For example, you might offer a logo design for $10, or a 500 word email for $20.

If you’re unsure what to offer or how to price your services, check out similar offerings. See what they’re doing and use that as a guideline. Fiverr also has a resource bank of articles to help you if you’re stuck or confused.

To get gigs, you can bid on requests (initiated by the person looking for the service) or let customers come to you. After connecting with a customer, you’ll negotiate any terms and conditions not stated in your listing, and then you work on the project.

Once you deliver your gig, Fiverr transfers payment to you once the order is marked complete. You’ll receive 80% of the gig fee, with Fiverr taking 20% of the total price. Otherwise, there is no fee to join or list your services on Fiverr.

5. Clickworker

clickworker homepageclickworker homepage
Source: Clickworker

As a Clickworker, you can earn money doing micro jobs like correcting texts, online typing, taking surveys, or categorizing data. Clickworker also hires people to proofread, do copyediting, test apps, and make short audio/video recordings. The work is flexible, and you can complete it anywhere on your schedule.

Since you can work for Clickworker in the U.S., Germany, and several other countries around the world, you can choose weekly or monthly payments via SEPA (a European payment service) or PayPal. To get started, fill out a free user profile and complete a skills assessment. Do well on the assessments and you’ll be matched with the best jobs.

You’ll receive payment when you complete a job. Payment varies by task, with more complex jobs paying more. You can request an instant payout of your account balance when you reach five euros (about $5.61 USD) for a PayPal payment or ten euros (around $11.22 USD) for payment to your bank account.

Alternative sites to Clickworker include:

  • RapidWorkers,
  • Gigbucks,
  • Microworkers,
  • and Damongo.

6. Appen

Appen provides companies in retail, transportation, and other industries with large-scale data for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications. This data can help scale image-recognition, voice transcription, and search result personalization.

To enhance their data sets, Appen hires workers to do remote, online jobs from home. They hire people to rate apps, perform web search evaluations, and do language work like transcription and translation. It’s all computer-based, so make sure you have a headset and laptop in working order before applying.

7. ySense

As a ySense worker, you can get paid to take surveys, trying a new product, service, or app. According to ySense, your earnings will vary based on a number of different variables, like how many tasks you complete and how often you log in.

You can cash out your account twice a day when you have reached the minimum amount ($8 for standard members.) You can receive payment via Payoneer, PayPal, or Skrill.

Note: ySense also pays workers to share ySense with their friends. You can earn up to 30% of the money your referrals make.

8. Figure Eight

Figure Eight offers tasks to find errors in data, text and spreadsheets, transcribe voice to text, and much more. You can sign up to work on tasks and get started quickly. You might work on categorizing social media, which means reading a social media post and identifying what it’s about. There’s also moderating text and photo content or transcribing audio clips.

Figure Eight keeps track of the accuracy of each project, and, as you complete micro tasks accurately, you can level up and take on more complex jobs. Contributors receive their earnings via PayPal and withdrawal requests are processed once a week.

9. Gigwalk

gigwalk is an app that allows you to complete micro jobs and earn between $3 and $100 per taskgigwalk is an app that allows you to complete micro jobs and earn between $3 and $100 per task
Source: Gigwalk

Gigwalk is a unique gig economy job. It’s a mystery shopping and micro jobs app that allows you work in your local area. Retailers post gigs asking Gigwalkers for information about local stores. You might complete tasks like confirming whether items are on shelves, checking if pricing is correct, and validating promotional displays.

Gigwalkers use the Gigwalk app to show the stores they’ve visited. You’ll also use the app to submit photos documenting your work. Gigs pay anywhere from $3 – $100, and payments are processed through PayPal.

10. Field Agent

Another way to get paid to do tasks online is by completing market research jobs via Field Agent. Field Agents help companies answer questions about store displays and brand visibility. Tasks include checking product pricing, verifying if special displays are set up correctly, conducting research on competitor marketing, or surveying consumers for their opinions on products.

You can cash out your earnings to a prepaid debit card or directly to your bank account. Field Agents jobs usually pay between $1 and $12. Your earnings accumulate in your Field Agent account until you request an instant payout.

11. Scribie

Scribie hires at-home workers to perform audio and video transcription services of short files (usually 10 minutes or less) to customers. Scribe is known for giving its customers 95% accurate transcripts, so to work for Scribie, you’ll need to submit an application and take a transcription test.

To succeed with Scribie, you should be able to easily comprehend spoken English and understand conversations. You’ll have to make decisions based on the context of the conversation and identify transcription errors.

You’ll earn between $5 – $25 per hour of audio transcribed, and Scribie offers raises in hourly rate based on performance. You can withdraw your earnings at any time to PayPal.

12. Skyword

Skyword offers customers a full suite of marketing and branding services, including marketing software.

More importantly, however, Skyword also matches freelance writers, photographers, and designers to brands looking to connect with their audiences. The Skyword platform handles assignments, schedules, and payments.

You can get started on Skyword by creating a profile and submitting samples of your work. Be sure to fill out your profile completely, otherwise you won’t appear in search results. Some Skyword customers request freelance job workers from a specific region, so it’s important to provide your location even though the work can be completed from home.

Skyword pays per assignment, and payments are made via PayPal. If you complete an assignment successfully between the 1st and 15th of the month, then you’ll receive payment at the end of the month. Complete a job successfully after the 15th, you’ll receive funds on the 15th of the following month.

13. The Smart Crowd

Smart Crowd offers crowdsourcing jobs related to data research and data entry, as well as translation and interpretation of different languages. Smart Crowd helps global brands successfully market, sell, and support their products worldwide. Jobs include helping improve the quality of internet services, processing transactions, or using online mapping services.

Rates vary by task, and they pay workers once a month. There is no fee to sign up for Smart Crowd, and you’re under no obligation to take on a specific amount of work. Sign up on the Smart Crowd website, complete at least one placement evaluation, and you’re ready to get started!

14. TaskRabbit

become a taskrabbit taskerbecome a taskrabbit tasker
Source: TaskRabbit

Do you like working with your hands and helping your local community? TaskRabbit might be a great way for you to earn some extra cash. TaskRabbit is a service based app that connects customers with people who can help them around the house. Customers might ask for help doing things like mounting a TV, moving furniture, or cleaning. Workers can also build furniture, help people move, and do home repairs.

To work with TaskRabbit, you need to submit an online application and attend an informational session in your area. After you’ve completed the registration process, the TaskRabbit app will notify you of jobs in your area.

You choose your rates and negotiate job details with the client. Once you’ve completed the job, you can submit your invoice via the TaskRabbit app. Jobs pay $50 – $130 per task, on average.

15. UserTesting

UserTesting allows brands to observe customers interacting with their apps, products, and marketing material. When you work with UserTesting, you’ll visit a website or app, complete a set of tasks, and give feedback. This helps brands understand how their site, app, or branding resonates with customers. You can also help them determine how easy their site or app is to use.

You’ll earn $10 for every 20 minute video you make, and UserTesting makes payments via PayPal. You’ll receive your payment 7 days after completing a task.

UserTesters need access to a computer and internet connection. You must be 18 years of age or older and speak English. When applying, you’ll send UserTesting a sample testing video. There will be a waiting period, which varies in length, where UserTesting confirms the quality of your recording.

Once approved, you’ll get emails notifying you of testing opportunities. Ultimately, UserTesting is a great fit for people comfortable sharing their opinions on video.

16. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands connects customers with virtual assistants to complete a wide variety of tasks on-demand. You can complete micro tasks via Fancy Hands, like booking a dinner reservation or calling the cable company. Virtual assistants can complete jobs from home and are paid per task. Starting pay is around $3 – $7 per task.  As a Fancy Hands virtual assistant, you’ll receive payments every other Tuesday via Dwolla.

Fancy Hands offers opportunities for advancement. If you’re successful, you can be promoted to a managerial position helping other assistants and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. With Fancy Hands, you can set your own hours. You’ll just need a computer, a reliable internet connection, an audio headset with microphone, and motivation.

If you enjoy doing different types of tasks and are comfortable talking on the phone, you should enjoy being a virtual assistant.

17. CashCrate

CashCrate brings together legitimate opportunities to make money online by listing different online micro jobs like taking paid surveys, finding a side hustle, earning rewards, and finding shopping discounts.

On the CashCrate’s site, you can gather information on programs like PointsClub (paid surveys), Swagbucks (rewards) and Rakuten (shopping discounts). Payouts follow the guidelines of each individual program.

Micro Tasks Come with Micro Pay

Micro job sites that connect you with small jobs can be a great way to make money online. Remember, though, that since the tasks are small and completed in a short time frame, the pay isn’t high.

To maximize your earnings, do your research to find the best paying micro jobs sites that match your skills and interests, and ones that allow you to complete the tasks on your own time. The sites and small tasks they offer won’t come close to matching the income you can generate at a traditional 9 to 5, but they offer a means of generating cash when you have no other options on the table.